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These video classes will help you gain a deeper understanding of the integration of your relationship with God and your responsibilities and roles in your business.

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We believe in the power of the testimony, so we’re intentional about sharing the incredible stories of what God has done. We hope that as you watch, you are inspired and awakened to a new level of belief in what’s possible when we partner with God in our businesses.


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Bridging The Gap: Partner With God, Access Heaven's Strategies And Grow Your Business​

Many kingdom-minded business leaders are looking for ways to partner with God in their companies, but they often don’t know how to close the gap between the spiritual and the practical. As the leader of an organization, there is often pressure to perform and get results and it is difficult to know how to invite God into the process.  

Drawing from his combined experience of 10 years in pastoral ministry, as well as running a company of his own, and now as an international business consultant for CEO’s, Tim Walls offers a blueprint for leaders to find the “sweet spot” where faith and business converge with the presence of God. Did you know that you can hear God’s voice even in the middle of a boardroom meeting? In his new book, Bridging the Gap, Tim outlines practical steps of how to unlock heaven’s strategies in your own organization and grow your company while remaining connected to the presence of God.

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